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Abstracts of the 18th Annual Meeting of European Society for Clinical Virology, 9th–12th September 2015, Edinburgh // Journal of Clinical Virology. – Vol.70, Suppl.1.

  • Effect of single amino acid substitutions in the hemagglutinin on the receptor-binding properties of influenza B viruses
    Sorokin E., Tsareva T., Sominina A., Pisareva M., Komissarov A., Kosheleva A. – P.S29 (Abstr. № 1502).
  • Influenza in Russia in the season 2014–2015: Epidemiology and antigenic properties of viruses
    Eropkin M., Karpova. L., Konovalova N., Lobova T., Petrova P., Eropkina E., Schekanova S., Sominina A. – P.S30 (Abstr. № 1503).
  • Virus etiology of SARI cases and protective role of influenza vaccination determined in sentinel surveillance system
    Smorodintseva E., Sominina A., Stolyarov K., Sysoeva T. – P.S30 (Abstr. № 1504).