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Since its foundation, the Clinical Department of the Research Institute of Influenza has been offering a wide range of medical services to the general public.

RII Polyclinic

Clinical and Diagnostic Division at the RII provides consultation and treatment services in multiple specialties, including general therapy, dermatology, urology, immunology, osteopathy, gynecology, cardiology, physical therapy, manual therapy. Qualified physicians and medical specialists care for patients with great dedication and skill. Treatment is supported by state-of-the-art laboratory services (blood,urine tests, biochemical screening, cytological studies, interferon status tests) and diagnostic examination and imaging (ECG, Ultrasound, Radiology,  Pulmonary Function Testing, Colposcopy).

At the Polyclinic, one can check himself for a number of viral infections, including various types and subtypes of influenza, ARI, Human herpes virus, HPV, Epstein–Barr virus, hepatitis virus A, B and C, HIV 1 and 2. Vaccination is available against the following infections: Influenza, Hepatitis A and B, Tick borne encephalitis, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus, HPV (Gardasil vaccine), Human herpes virus. Polyclinic offers extensive therapy of acute and chronic respiratory infections, herpes virus and HPV infections. 

Inpatient Clinical Department

With high specialization in virology, RII provides in- and outpatient care and treatment for persons diagnosed with various infectious diseases. The Specialized Clinic for Viral Infections accepts patients with severe and complicated cases of influenza, chronic viral and non–infectious hepatitis. Therapy is conducted by a team of expert physicians, using safe and effective treatment, comprehensive laboratory studies and medical imaging. Along with well established therapy schemes, the Clinic offers treatment with novel techniques and preparations, which were proven safe, free of charge. Additionally, RII operates two dedicated infectious disease clinical units: the Division of Respiratory Viral Infections in Adults based on 23rd Unit of the №30 Botkin Municipal Hospital, and the Division of Respiratory Viral Infections in Children based on №4 St. Olga Municipal Hospital and №5 Filatov Children’s Clinical Hospital.