Finnish–Russian Symposium “New Finnish Technology for Rapid Diagnostics of Respiratory Infectious Diseases”, October 2, 2013

Finnish–Russian symposium “New Finnish Technology for rapid diagnostics of respiratory infectious Diseases” took place at the RII on October 2. The symposium marked 60 years of collaboration between sister–cities St. Petersburg and Turku. Among the invited were prof. Timo Korpela, head of the Joint Biotechnology Laboratory at the University of Turku, prof. Juhani Soini of the Turku Centre for Biotechnology and Jesper Kristiansen, VP of sales and marketing at ArcDia Ltd. The program included presentations of a novel chemiluminescence–based (LM-CECL) Labmaster technology for point-of-care testing and a new point-of-care test system for respiratory tract infections called mariPOC, manufactured by ArcDia.