A Regional Scientific Conference on the «Complications Associated with Influenza and ARI in Therapy Practice», November 10–11, 2011

A regional scientific conference on the «Complications Associated with Influenza and ARI in Therapy Practice» took place November 10–11, 2011, in Saint–Petersburg, Russia. The conference was organized by St. Petersburg Administration Healthcare Committee, Research Institute of Influenza, St. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University and St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy. The event gathered researchers and physicians for discussion of the current issues for influenza and ARI prevention, diagnosis and therapy in children and adults including pregnant women as well as novel approaches for treatment of different post-infectious complications.

The session was opened by presentations of prof. Oleg. I. Kiselev, Director of RII, and prof. Vasiliy I. Trofimov, Head of Therapy Department of the Pavlov State Medical University. Among the speakers were RII specialists reporting influenza morbidity and mortality during influenza epidemic seasons 2009-2010 (Lyudmila S. Karpova, Dr.Med.Sci.), molecular-genetic characteristics of the pandemic influenza virus (Maria M. Pisareva, PhD), antiviral influenza and ARVI therapy in children (Elena Dondurej, PhD).

An exhibition of pharmaceuticals was held during the conference.