Expert Committees

Dedicated boards and committees, set up together by state and academic medical authorities to promote efficient regulation and advising in the field of national influenza research and clinical activities, are operating at the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza.

Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is the governing body of the Institute. It controls research, production and financial activities of RII, adjusts the Institute’s regulations and communicates with senior state authorities. It also supports postgraduate studies, examines and approves doctorate theses and selects the best research works for prize nomination. The Board is comprised of the leading scientists from RII and other institutions.

Chairman: Andrey V. Vasin, PhD, Director of Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza 
Academic secretary: Tamara G. Lobova, PhD, Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza 


Ethics Committee (Institutional Review Board)

Ethics Committee was conceived with the aim to protect rights and well-being of test subjects by approving and monitoring clinical trials. Its duties rely on independence, justice, publicity, objectivity and responsibility of the experts involved. The committee analyzes in detail planned trials of a new medicine and decides whether the trial is ethically reasonable and should be allowed, or not.

Ethics Committee acts in compliance with The Principles of ICH-GCP (1.05.96), The World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki (2000) and all relevant federal laws and regulations of the Russian Federation. It is registered under № 0005131, 2008, International IRBS for Russia.

There are 11 constant members in the committee, with additional 3 on reserve.

Chairman: Nadezhda. I. Konovalova, PhD, Senior Researcher, Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza Secretary: Irina G. Vidyaeva, PhD, Leading Researcher, Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza