Director — Andrey V. Vasin, PhD

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499–15–00


Dr. Vasin holds a PhD in biochemistry and is a specialist in molecular virology. In addition to his roles leading the Laboratory of Systemic Virology and the Department of Molecular Biology of Viruses at the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza, he is the director of more than 20 research and development *projects in the areas of vaccine and drug development, new molecular diagnostic methods, and fundamental mechanisms behind the pathogenesis of viral infections. *[State Research Projects, State Tasks, Federal Mandate Programs, Russian Foundation for Basic Research grants, Russian Science Foundation grants] Dr. Vasin has many years of experience in teaching and direct guidance of students and graduate students. Scientific interests: development of new methods for molecular diagnosis of current viral infections; development of innovative drugs and vaccines, including those based on small interfering RNAs and peptides; use of modern genomic and proteomic methods in the search for novel antiviral drug targets, including host cellular targets, for use in antiviral therapies. Dr. Vasin has worked at the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza since 2005.


 Deputy Director for Science - Daria M. Danilenko, PhD 

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499-15-25




Dr. Danilenko heads the Department of Etiology and Epidemiology and is the Deputy Director for Organization at the World Health Organization National Influenza Centre, St. Petersburg. Following undergraduate studies (Master of Science in microbiology, 2006, St. Petersburg State University), she earned her PhD in virology (2014). Research interest: evolution of human and animal influenza viruses. She is the author of over 30 publications, a participant in four international projects, and a Presidential Fellow (2016). She has repeatedly participated in WHO Regional Office for Europe projects as an invited temporary adviser. Dr. Danilenko has worked at the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza since 2007.


 Deputy Director for Science – Dmitry A. Lioznov, MD                

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499-15-38 

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Dr. Lioznov is an infectious disease specialist and his scope of scientific interests includes influenza and other respiratory infections in individuals with altered immunity or resistance. Details and achievements:  member of the Infectious Disease Special Commission, Russian Ministry of Health; Presidium of the Association of Infectious Disease Specialists (St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region); Presidium of the Russian Red Cross (St. Petersburg Branch); member of editorial boards (Journal of Infectious Disease; HIV Infection and Immunosuppression; Science Letters of the Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University; Clinical Laboratory Consultation). Dr Lioznov is the author or co-author of more than 200 scientific publications and teaching aids, including textbooks on infectious disease and clinical guidelines. His honors include Presidential Fellow (1998), Gratitude of the the Russian Ministry of Health (1999), and Gratitude of the President (2016).


 Deputy Director, business development – Yulia M. Savateeva, PhD 

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499-1500  x1663


Dr. Savateeva graduated from the Financial University Under The Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow) and holds a PhD in economics (2007). Details and achievements: experience with pharmaceutical industry startups; financial and organizational support of enterprises; and development of business plans and raising funds for startups. Dr. Savateeva guides projects which launch new Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza technologies and innovations.


 Adviser to the Director - Liudmila M. Tsybalova, DM

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499-15-18


Dr. Tsybalova holds a doctor of medicine degree in the specialty of  epidemiology. She leads the Laboratory of Influenza Vaccines and has worked at the Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza since 1974. Her research focuses on epidemiology and prevention related to influenza and acute respiratory infections. She has led a number of studies that examine the influence of genetic and social factors on the properties of influenza and other acute respiratory viral epidemics in order to assess the effectiveness of preventive measures. In addition to managing and participating in two international projects on the epidemiological surveillance of current infections and the development of drugs for the prevention of acute respiratory infections, Dr. Tsybalova also serves in other roles: Special Commission on Influenza and Influenza-like Infections (Russian Academy of Sciences); Commission on Vaccines and Diagnostic Strains (Ministry of Health and Social Development); and the Inter-regional Inter-Agency Working Group on the Development and Implementation of Measures to Prevent the Spread of Avian Influenza. Dr. Tsybalova has authored over 110 works and has collaborated with other managers on projects including: National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Program; Protecting The Population From Influenza (regional medical target program); four methodological recommendations; and three Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development mandate projects.


 Lead Scientist – Alexander Y. Grinyenko, MD

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499-15-38



Dr. Grinyenko is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and his academic interests focus on improving public health and healthcare. Professor Grinyenko’s work centers on: optimization of regional health care organizational structures, including medical service management systems; development of forms of economic regulation for medical institutions; development of effective interregional and interdepartmental medical cooperations; development of new principles for organizing multiple specialized medical services; developing systems of continuing professional medical education; documentation of regional medical progress. He is the author of over 250 scientific works (including six monographs and two textbooks), including: Health Organization of Northwest Russia (2004); Health Status of Northwest Russia. Trends and Prospects (2003); and Stabilization of Alcoholism Remission (1996, et al.). He has directly mentored 12 medical doctors and 23 PhD students. Details and achievements: Honored Physician of the Russian Federation (1993); Badge of Honor (1986); Service to the Nation Medal, (II degree, 1998); Service to the Nation’s Health Medal (2001); Mark of Distinction, Contribution To The Development Of The Leningrad Region” (2002); Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow Medal (lll degree, 2004); Service to the Nation Medal (IV degree, 2006); N.I. Pirogov Medal (2007); Prize of the Russian Federation In Science and Technology (2005); and 17 other awards.


 Scientific Administrator - Tamara G. Lobova, PhD

 Telephone: (+7) 812-499-15-04


Dr. Lobova graduated from the Leningrad Sanitary Hygienic Medical Institute and holds a doctor of medicine degree in the specialty of virology (1989). Her main scientific focus is the etiology of influenza, including pathogen variability patterns. Dr. Lobova is a highly qualified virologist who utilizes a wide range of virological and serological methods for research. In addition to authoring more than 50 publications, including 1 monograph and 2 physician guides, she is also the co-author of a patent. She has worked at the Institute of Flu since 1983.