Laboratory of Drug Safety


Director -  Konstantin V. Sivak, PhD

Phone: +7 (812) 499–15–59, 499–15–66


The Laboratory of Drug Safety was organized in 2014 in order to conduct preclinical studies of developed drugs, antivirals, and viral vaccines.

Main activities

  • Preclinical studies of the safety of original drugs, generic medications, and immunobiological preparations (vaccines and sera), including specific toxicity types
  • Study of the specific pharmacological activity of drug candidates
  • Development of tools and pharmacological correction schemes for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with chemical stress based on assumptions about their pathogenesis
  • Study of the pathogenesis behind acute medication poisoning
  • Study of the mechanisms behind the toxic effects of xenobiotics on the functional status of the detoxification organs and immune system
  • Search for biomarkers of chemical toxicity and substantiation of objective impact criteria in order to improve the diagnosis of toxicity-related illnesses
  • Improvement of existing experimental models via the incorporation of modern concepts around pathogenesis, including the use of innovative methodological approaches and equipment. Research results are used to prepare new and generic drugs for incorporation into Russian clinical practice. Another scientific direction seeks to improve the diagnosis of toxicity-based pathologies.